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Well, the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show is over as of Sunday afternoon and we have ended our live coverage of the show from Las Vegas. The initial statistics from CES indicate over 130,000 individuals attended the show this year, up over 15,000 from last year. The show did seem more crowded and filled with activity this year compared to last year and there was clearly a more optimistic position being taken by all of the exhibitor companies. This year we saw by far the most Digital Imaging presence at the show, and CES along with sponsor InfoTrends had for the first time an entire Tech Zone at CES devoted to Digital Imaging with many major Digital Camera and Imaging companies exhibiting. Many of the major Digital Camera Companies once again had HUGE booths on the tradeshow floor showing off their line-up of digital cameras and digital imaging products including Canon, Casio, Fuji, HP, Kodak, Kyocera, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba. In addition, many other digital imaging related companies were also present at CES 2004 displaying digital imaging products including Epson, San Disk, Samsung, Pacific Digital, Ulead, Jasc, Color Vision, Noritsu, Pinnacle, Pretec, Concord, DXG USA, Creative, Digi Power, and both the SD Group as well as the Memory Stick folks. Finally, in town and displaying at Digital Experience for the press were companies such as Nikon, Konica Minolta, Pentax, Lexar, Adobe, ArcSoft, Picasa, Kingston, and PhotoSite by Homestead. Overall, CES turned out to be a major show for Digital Imaging and the CES 2004 TradeShow was an exciting preview for next months PMA show. We did learn of many new products during private meetings under NDAs which we will be able to announce to you soon. Let's just say look for some new DSLRs and high megapixel cameras! As if you needed to be told, we expect nearly 100 new digital camera products to be announced between now and the start of PMA on February 12, 2004. We will be covering the show beginning on Tuesday February 10th live from Las Vegas, and so if you think CES had a lot to offer, well .... Be sure to bookmark this site, and check back often as we will have a lot of news over the next month, and we will have extensive live coverage from the largest digital camera show held next month, PMA 2004. Also remember if you register in our News Forum and use the topic tracker feature (found near the bottom of the index page in a small font it says 'Track This Forum' next to the 'Forum Jump' box) for the entire news forum you can get immediate automatic e-mails advising you of each new announcment posted as a news story (you can set it up so that you only get one e-mail notice until you next visit the forums or all notices).

We have prepared an updated list of Digital Imaging Highlights which we have posted below. The updated Highlights we are posting contains links to the many of the related Press Releases issued for CES new product announcements. Last but not least, we have now posted 4 Photo Galleries of the 2004 CES show, and we will have at least one if not two more CES Photo Galleries by tomorrow. Our latest Gallery just posted is a set of larger images all taken with the 5 megapixel Minolta A1. (The prior 3 galleries were taken with both the Canon 10D and Minolta A1). We selected a number of colorful shots (esp. the last one you fans of the model Bianca will enjoy) for the Minolta A1 CES Gallery just to show you how well the camera can perform in very low and tricky indoor lighting. The camera can take shots at very low shutter speeds due to built-in CCD image stabilization, and it maintains a better field of depth compared to the Canon 10D. As you will see, for good reasons we saw more Minolta A1s at the show then any other camera and we are about the best at spotting digital cameras in crowds, just ask anyone at Disneyland where we do it over 40 times a year! Stay tuned, although the show has now ended, we will have some final images and information by tomorrow! Here our the Highlights for Digital Imaging Announcements at CES 2004.

1. PANASONIC has announced 3 new Lumix models as well as two new accessory lenses for the recent 4 megapixel, 12X zoom DMC-FZ10 model at a very well attended Press Conference (over 500 members of the press). The new Lumix cameras include the very compact DMC-LC50 which is a small 3.2 megapixel camera and the similar 4 megapixel DMC-LC70 camera. Both feature 3X optical zoom lenses. We were able to handle the cameras, which are light-weight and have a hard plastic body. They did appear to be quite small and they were very responsive when snapping shots. We have a number of product shots posted showing both the front and back of these new Lumix Cameras. In addition, Panasonic was showing off the new DMC-FX5 which is new 4.2 megapixel camera with a 3X optical zoom in a slightly larger more metallic body in 3 colors. These new Lumix cameras are very interesting in that they offer a new built-in optical Image Stabilization system to help correct for camera shake, especially at low shutter speeds or when fully zoomed in. We will try some more test images today to further evaluate how well this functions in comparison to a few other cameras we have with us at the show. Finally, Panasonic showed us two new accessory add-on lenses for their Lumix DMC-FZ10. This camera already has a 12X optical zoom with Image Stabilization, and now you can add on a .80 Wide Angel Lens (its pretty big though) which allows the camera to now achieve a 28mm field of view, and also a 1.5X Telephoto multiplier lens (again fairly big) which takes you from 420mm built-into the camera, to a HUGE 630mm coverage. The lenses looked to be made of very high quality glass and it will be interesting to see just how they perform in field tests. We do have a number of nice shots of both of these lenses attached to the DMC-FZ10. Here is a link to the Panasonic Press Release regarding their new cameras as well as some product photos.

Panasonic Press Release & Images

2. NIKON announced Wednesday night (01/07/04) during the Digital Experience show two new Coolpix models. The Coolpix 2200 is a new version of last year's 2 megapixel, 3X optical zoom Coolpix 2100 but now uses the smaller SD memory cards. We were able to use the CP 2200 last night and can confirm it is somewhat smaller compared to the 2100, although the weight change is minimal given the fact it was already a fairly tiny camera and light-weight camera. The camera is extremely fast and appeared to have a very quick shutter lag time. The images we took were well exposed and looked great. The 2nd camera is the similar Coolpix 3200 which again updates last year's 3 megapixel, 3X optical Coolpix 3100. The new CP3200 also changes over to SD memory cards and has a movie mode. We were quite impressed with how fast this really small pocket camera could focus and snap off quick 3 megapixel shots! Both feature a 14MB internal memory capacity so you can take and store several pictures, even if you forget to insert the SD card. Nikon also announced new scanners which you can find more about on their web site. Below is a link to the Nikon Press Release regarding these 2 new Coolpix cameras.

Nikon Press Release & Images

3. CASIO has announced a new 5 megapixel camera called the QV-R51 which features a large 2.0 inch LCD, 3X optical zoom, compact body, improved battery life still using 2 AA batteries and a price of just $399. We got a chance to see this camera already, and must say the large LCD is a very nice feature. The camera is quick to start-up and like we mentioned above with the Nikon cameras, it can sure snap pictures almost instantly. It is clear that most of the camera companies have really worked on the issue of shutter lag times, as these new cameras are much easier to shoot with and not miss the moment. This new Casio has over 20 scene modes, lots of neat extras and overall given its size and design is quite a nice camera. We have more details and several product photos below and in our CES Photo Galleries.

Casio Press Release & Photos

4. OLYMPUS has announced several new accessory items for it current C-5060 5 megapixel camera. These new items "range from wide and telephoto conversion lenses and power battery holder to flash systems and underwater housings that elevate the digital experience to a new level of sophistication and convenience and extend the possibilities and shooting pleasure even further." We have been shown all of these accessories both here and at MacWorld and it is nice to see added flexibility offered to the fine C-5060 camera. Here is a link to the Olympus Press Release.

Olympus Press Release

Apparently there was a new Camedia Camera announced in other parts of the world as announced on other web sites, however Olympus America, Inc. was not showing any new cameras here at the CES show and we currently do not know when or if it will arrive here in the USA.

5. KODAK announced at the start of CES 2004 two new cameras. The New KODAK EASYSHARE LS743 and LS753 Digital are the latest Kodak compact digital cameras, both featuring high quality 2.8X optical zoom lenses in a nice metallic and very compact body. The LS743 is a 4 megapixel camera with 16MB of built-in internal memory storage and the LS753 is a 5 megapixel CCD camera with a built-in 32MB of storage space. Both have a 1.8 inch color LCD screen and an One-Touch EasyShare button to easily transfer images and Ease the ability to share a Photo Album with others. "The new cameras are loaded with smart features, including extensive scene and color modes, TV-resolution (VGA) movie capture and playback capability, multiple sound themes, and a SD card/Multimedia Card memory expansion slot. They also offer automatic picture rotation to make pictures taken vertically appear right side up on the camera, computer screen or television, plus a 2:3 ratio picture-taking mode optimized for making 4 x 6-inch prints. In addition, the LS743 and LS753 models are always ready to snap a picture by simply depressing the shutter button, regardless of which capture mode or menu is active — a feature unique to EASYSHARE cameras."

Kodak New Cameras Press Release

Kodak's Full CES Press Release

6. KODAK has also announced Free trial version of their new Digital ROC Professional Plug-In which available at http://www.asf.com. The new Plug-In adds additional professional features to the Digital ROC plug-in and works with Adobe Photoshop and compatible imaging software. "The new Digital ROC Professional Plug-In, which corrects, restores and balances the color of digital images from sources including digital cameras, flatbed/film scanners, Picture CDs, and the Internet.... Like the Digital ROC Plug-In, Digital ROC Professional Plug-In analyses color gradients in the image to remove color casts or tints and restore faded or lost color by generating optimal tonal curves for each color channel. In addition, the Digital ROC Professional Plug-In provides advanced controls for precise adjustment of both, image brightness and image contrast, as well as the color tint controls. The professional version adds support for 16 bit color images generated by high end film scanning devices." We are going to be reviewing this new professional plug-in aimed at providing a new level of color correction results and our early use of this product is quite positive!

Kodak Press Release - ROC Plug-In

7. CONCORD has announced a new 4 megapixel 3X optical zoom camera at an amazing price of just $199! The new Concord Eye-Q4360Z is a point and shoot style camera that includes an AVI movie mode which can capture at 30 frames per second. "To save consumers the expense of buying batteries, the Concord Eye-Q 4360z includes two rechargeable NiMH AA batteries, a four battery charger and a power meter which continuously displays battery-life on the 1.5” TFT LCD screen indicating when to change batteries. Housed in a compact body, the Concord Eye-Q 4360z offers 16MB of internal memory for picture taking even without an SD memory card and a full range of advanced photographic features, such as AVI video mode, continuous shooting mode for action shots (approximately 7 images at 3 images per second), a macro focus range of 10cm, auto & user selectable white balance and preset exposure modes for fireworks, night, party, beach/snow, sunset, and night portrait and five flash modes including auto, fill-in, red-eye reduction, flash off and night to insure great photos for every occasion."

In addition, Concord also announced and was displaying at CES a new Blue-Tooth Wireless 2 Megapixel fixed lens digital camera. This compact camera take just 4 seconds to transfer an image to a PDA without wires. They also had a 3.2 megapixel camera but frankly for the price we'd suggest you get the new 4 megapixel unit as both have 3X zoom lenses.

We have seen and handled these new Concord cameras and I will have more impressions and photos posted below. Here are the Concord Press Releases and Photos.

Concord Press Release & Photos - 4 Megapixel Camera

Concord Press Release - Eye Q Wireless Camera

8. TOSHIBA STORAGE DIVISION has announced at the start of CES 2004 a new development of a 0.85-inch hard disk drive (HDD), which they indicate is the first drive to deliver multi-gigabyte storage in a sub-one-inch form factor. The new drives are Expected to soon be available in 2GB and 4GB capacities. Toshiba stated that they will start sampling the new drive in summer 2004, with mass production to begin in late 2004.

"Measuring only a quarter of the size of Toshiba's 1.8-inch drive, the 0.85-inch HDD is expected to boost the functionality of a new generation of products, including mobile phones, digital audio players, PDAs, digital still cameras, camcorders and external storage devices. Toshiba initially plans to introduce capacities of 2GB and 4GB, and anticipates achievement of even higher densities in the 0.85-inch form factor"

The specs indicate that the new drives will operate at 3,600rpm, using a Voltage of 3.3V, with Dimensions (HxWxD) of 3.3 x 24 x 32 mm and 5 x 24 x 32 mm, with a weight of Less than 10g. Toshiba is showing a proto-type of this at their booth here at CES and we will have images and some impression soon. Here is the Press Release and a Photo,

Toshiba Press Release & Photo

09. SAN DISK has just concluded a Press Conference on Thursday 01/08/04 which we attended where they announced two new products for Digital Camera owners. The first product is a HUGE 2 GB Memory Stick Pro which will become available in Early March at a suggested price of $999.99. This will be the first 2GB Memory Stick Pro, even beating Sony to this feat! San Disk confirmed that they are somewhat breaking away from the constraints of their prior arrangements with Sony and will now be making their Memory Stick Pros units using their own design and containing their own Serial Controllers and Controller Technology. San Disk has tested their products at Sony's lab and have confirmed their new MS Pro cards will be 100% compatible with all existing and future products. San Disk indicated that this development will help consumers get better pricing and availablilty.

10. SAN DISK further announced on Thursday afternoon that they will bring to market also in early March a 512MB Memory Stick Pro Duo card (perfect for new Sony T1 owners). The 512 Pro Duo card will sell with a MS Adapter at a suggested price of around $249.99.

San Disk Press Conference, Press Release & Photos

11. KONICA MINOLTA announced at CES that their own Dimage Messenger software program, is now being offered as a Plug-In for the popular ACDSee Editing Software. Dimage Messenger is a very unique product which allows you to attach messages or text information to specific areas of pictures and to go back and forth with someone regarding selected areas of a picture. You can for instance name people in a picture such that when you run your mouse over a person, it tells their name and more if wanted. Konica Minolta also announced a new Scanner at CES. You can find more details about it at their web site. Here is the Press Release for more information regarding the Dimage Messenger Plug-In.

Konica Minolta Press Release

12. EPSON showed us their new P-1000 photo viewer and storage unit. This handheld unit allows digital camera owners to transfer filled Digital Camera Memory cards off the cards and onto the 10 GB Hard Drive, where the images can be viewed on a very high-res 3.8 inch color screen for later transfer to a PC via USB. The P-1000 also allows you to view the images as a slideshow on your TV. We had a chance to use the unit for a short time and found it to work well, with images appearing very bright. This is a great little assistant for most digital camera owners, however it is not very cheap at this time it is set to sell for $599. Here is a link to the Epson Press Release and Photos.

Epson also had a large booth in the South Hall where we stopped bye to see their new large screen HDTV LCD entertainment centers with built-in Photo Memory Card slots for slideshow picture displays as well as immediate Photo Printing on a built-in, that's right BUILT-IN Photo Printer. We have some exclusive photos and full details in the Epson Press Release linked below!

Epson P-1000 Press Release & Photos

Epson Big Screen HDTV Photo Display & Print Center

13. PRETEC announced a 1GB MMC Flash Memory Card.

Pretec Press Release

14. DXG has formed a new company here in the USA called DXG USA to sell their digital cameras here in the USA. We stopped bye and saw their full line-up, which is heading for Fry's, MicroCenters and other retailer here. Here is their press release with models names, descriptions, and prices.

DXG USA Press Release

15. KINGSTON has announced new High Speed Professional SD Flash Memory cards. Here is their press release.

Kingston Press Release

16. ULEAD announced and demonstrated their new DVD Movie Factory 3 software. This program allows you to mix in Digital Photos with Video and make slideshows which you burn to DVDs and play on your TV. The new software will sell for $99. Here is the Ulead Press Release.

Ulead Press Release

17. GM MAGICSTOR announced the development of a 4.8GB one inch mini-Hard Drive, which companies can use to make Compact Flash Type II memory cards that can be used in Digital Cameras. Here is their Press Release.

GM Magicstor Press Release

We are currently working on adding information to our CES coverage, so we will update this post as we add item by item the news that has been announced so far and our final summary.

Come back soon and often as we are posting news as fast as we can, live from the CES show! In addition, check our main news forum index page for a number of CES related postings and Press Releases (See Link Below).





The Consumer Electronics Show 2004, one of the biggest shows for Digital Imaging Products in the World, is set to begin today in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year marks the 10th year in a row we have attended the show, and the fourth year we have provided Internet News Coverage. Once again we will be attending press conferences, special press events and covering the HUGE tradeshow floor to bring special reports and photos from this very popular electronics show which attracts most of the major digital imaging companies. During the past three years in a row we have provided some of the most detailed news coverage and just about the most digital images of new products not only as compared to our friends at other digital camera web sites, but when compared to all the major news sites both Internet and Print combined. Let's just say we have been very proud of our past CES coverage and we intend to deliver lots of news and images for our readers once again.

The CES events begin this morning at 11:00 am when Panasonic has a major Press Event occurring and where we understand new Panasonic Digital cameras will be announced and shown to us for the first time (we shall see if one can make it in 4 1/2 hours from LA). Next there is special Wednesday noontime lunch event for the digital imaging industry and press sponsored by InfoTrends at the Las Vegas Convention Center and continue tomorrow night with the very popular press event called Digital Focus, where many of the digital camera companies have mini-booths in one large hotel ballroom, allowing us to meet with company representatives and see new products all in one night! We will be attending both Press Events and posting special reports as time permits. We also expect a few other digital cameras to be announced between now and Thursday, including a surprise or two! The show then kicks off formally Thursday morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center and runs through Sunday. In past years there have been over 125,000 visitors to the CES TradeShow and it gets tremendous newspaper, magazine, and TV coverage, in addition to the really great coverage we and other sites on the Internet Provide! We hope you will come visit us often and check the link below as well as our Breaking News section above (see link below too) and our News Forum, where we will be posting a number of press releases over the next few days.

We are pleased that joining us again this year out at Las Vegas in providing news coverage from CES will be our good friends at Imaging Resource . The European site Let's-Go-Digital, who will also be posting lot's of news and photos from this very exciting show. Our friends at the other major digital imaging web sites will also have plenty of news coverage so be sure to check out and support all of the major digital camera web sites! Just by looking at the large volume of e-mails and press releases already sent to us, it looks like this is going to be a very good show, with lots of interesting new products to check out. Given our initial busy schedule and time constraint we will post most of our Initial coverage from the show at the pages you can reach by using the link below. Stay tuned, lots more CES news coverage is coming over the next 48 hours and then even more details and photos coming this weekend! Here is the link to our initial CES 2004 Tradeshow News Coverage!

CES 2004 Photo Gallery 1
CES 2004 Photo Gallery 2
CES 2004 Photo Gallery 3
CES 2004 Photo Gallery 4
Minolta A1 CES 2004 Photo Gallery


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